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Melting Pot

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Outreach workshops for Students
Learn the freshest dance moves to some of the latest hip hop beats. Freshmans crew will take you through some hip-hop grooves and teach you some of their signature routines with their unique and fresh energy!

Each class will cover some of the foundational steps that are used to build our choreography and teach you how to apply the steps to your own master pieces. Q and A sessions are also available with every class." Enquire and book this unique opportunity via

- $150.00 per 60min class for 10-30 students.
- $300.00 per 60min class for 30-60 students.
- $450.00 per 60min class for 60-90 students
- $7 per head if it were to be an open class.


- Minimum 10 students
- We can bring a sound system with us. If the school is providing a sound system, we would need an AUX input and a microphone if the class is bigger than 30 students.
- We would ideally work in an indoors dance studio or auditorium.
- We would like to keep ages together; we are able to teach the following: years 1-3 / years 4-6 / years 7-8 / years 9-10 / years 11-13

$7 per head if it were to be an open class.


Enquire via




  • Freshmans Dance Crew
  • Nina Pouesi


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