Ava Seymour: Domestic Wild Ava Seymour: Domestic Wild
Aotearoa NZ

Ava Seymour: Domestic Wild

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  • Visual Arts

This exhibition draws on Tāmaki Makaurau-based artist Ava Seymour’s ongoing series of cat-centric works, emphasising the ways she adapts analogue photographs from her evolving library of cat books to construct ailurophiliac intertexts.

It is the most significant solo presentation of this oeuvre to date, augmented with newly developed work. Aptly, Seymour prefers diligent portraits of cats as opposed to kitsch or fleeting captures. Some of her feline subjects appear distracted or entertained, while others gaze out at us quizzically. Like results from a Google search for ‘cat’, Seymour’s simple assemblies index a vast network of cat information, mapping references ranging from Ancient Egyptian mythology to neoliberal domestic contexts – each subject a distinction within an otherwise subsuming generality.



9 March - 26 May

420 Titirangi Rd,

+64 9 817 8087



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